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Hobble Creek Ranch, Resort & Wellness Spa

Hobble Creek Ranch is a spectacular Wasatch Mountain property just East of Provo, Utah in the proximity of international destinations such as Alta, Snowbird, Sundance, Park City, Deer Valley, et al. Rainbird Development Company is considering this property for development as a Resort & Wellness Spa and demonstration site for our regenerative village concepts. There are many advantages. The property is 3387 acres and a large part of the needed infrastructure is already in place. The magnificent Chateau estate has many amenities ready for use as an elite medical spa, including pool, hot tubs, gymnasium, sauna, and hospitality center. Business operations could begin on day one. See the Property Brochure for further details.

This is an opportunity for investors who seek a good financial return while creating environmental and social impact with an experienced team of professionals.

Executive Summary

This page presents the business case for this project, including: proposed improvements, multi-year projections, exit strategy, expected return on investment, and why you should bother. See the navigation index at right. --->

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Projected Improvemnts

Projected Improvements

In addition to the existing Chateau estate mentioned above ready to be utilized as an elite Health & Wellness Spa and Ecotourism & Recreational destination, the following projected improvements are envisioned:

  • Employee Residences: A variety of 45 ecologically appropriate residences will be built (single, duplex & triplex) to house the full-time employee-owners of the village.

  • Guest Facilities Expansion: 10 triplexes consisting of a 1 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath apartment in the center with a studio apartment on either side.  They can be combined for a very large 3 bed, 3 1/2 bath apartment or used individually. The following chart shows our Guest Lodging Capacity.

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  • Earth Power Lodge (EPL) and Greenhouses: The EPL is an ecologically sound production facility which produces biochar, algae, and generates electricity. The EPL will also heat the green houses as needed.

  • Shopping Complex: Three levels of restaurants, boutique stores, bakery, apothecary & ice cream parlor, beauty salon, farmers' market.

  • Events Facilities: Pavilion and conservatory

  • Agroecology/Agroforestry Building: Classrooms, labs, dairy facility, sheering shed.

  • Regenerative Incubator: Mentoring classroom, plus maker spaces with electronics, wood, metal, fibers, and commercial kitchen workshops.

Direct Investment

We are seeking direct investors who believe in our mission and are looking to make a direct investment in Rainbird Development's ongoing program of real estate acquisition, development and sales. We will provide membership units to all investors as well as all the transparency and reporting required by law.

NOTE: If you have capital gains you would like to invest, see our Qualified Opportunity Fund page.

Exit Strategy Options

Exit 1: Upon sale or refinancing of completed projects, we will pay back direct investment capital as well as any accrued earnings as specified in our PPM.


Exit 2: Alternatively, members will have the option to stay to accrue additional earnings for years to come from our ongoing projects through us scaling our Community Infrastructure model by replication in multiple locations.

What do you get when investing with Rainbird Development Co.?

You get the satisfaction of earning a preferred rate of return and of being a key foundational member in our effort to restore prosperity and regional self-reliance to the heartland. Rural and semi-rural areas of our country are ripe for regeneration, and it is our aim to be a catalyst for the revitalization of American. (See Our Vision & Mission)

If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, please submit the form below.

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