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Utah Opportunity Zones

Southern Utah Opportunity Zones


There are several Qualified Opportunity Zones in Southern Utah containing towns and land for sale in which company-owned municipalities could be developed. Opportunity Zones are federally acknowledged, state designated areas for economic development. 

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Opportunity Zone Funds

If you have recently made, or are soon to make, a capital gain (profit) on the sale of:

  • A business

  • Stocks

  • Bonds

  • Cryptocurrency

  • Equipment

  • Precious metals

  • Real estate

You can discount your capital gains tax by rolling that gain into our Qualified Opportunity Fund!

Tax Benefits

If you roll your capital gains in our QOF, the first benefit is your ability to shelter any capital gains from taxation until April 15, 2027 when your capital gains tax liability is due, but with a reduction of 10%. In the likely event that QOZ legislation is extended (See: Article), after 7 years your capital gains liability would be reduced by 15%.

Additionally, maintaining your QOF investments will continue to accrue tax-free earnings, ensure higher fair market value step-up in basis, and, if QOZ legislation is extended for 10 years, reduce your capital gains tax liability on the appreciation to 0%. Please check with your accountant for details.

Opportunity Zones Funds
Tax Benefits

Our Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund

Rainbird Development Co., Benefit LLC is a site-specific Qualified Opportunity Fund. We are seeking investment of capital gains for acquiring real estate in Qualified Opportunity Zones and developing all improvements for company-owned towns & villages. It is not a managed fund and your entire investment will go toward a QOZ project of your choosing. We will provide membership units to all investors and provide you with earnings and return of capital as stated in each project PPM.

NOTE: If you have non-capital gains funds you would like to invest, see our Hobble Creek Ranch project page.

Our Process
QOF Exit Strategy
​​QOF Exit Strategy

Exit 1: After sale or refinancing of the development, all investment capital will be returned as well as accrued earnings as stated in project PPMs.


Exit 2: Alternatively, members can accrue additional earnings for years to come by rolling that capital into any of our other projects.

Why you should invest with Rainbird Development Co rather than some other project?

In addition to the tax benefits and tax-free earnings above, you get the satisfaction of earning a preferred rate of return and of being a key foundational member in our effort to create to restore prosperity and regional self-reliance to the heartland. Rural and semi-rural areas of our country are ripe for regeneration, and it is our aim to be a catalyst for the revitalization of American. (See Our Vision & Mission)

If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, please submit the form below.

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Our Process

Our development projects are done primarily for companies that want to own and manage their own town or village.

1. Site Assessment & Town Plan: The “bones” of the proposed site are thoroughly accessed for the vital essentials necessary to support our Community Infrastructure system, and a plan is created for implementation and/or updating of its vital components to suit the company's needs.

2. Funding: Client company either:

a) Secures the funding needed for acquisition of the real estate (greenfield or existing town) on which the client company’s town or village is to be developed and implementation of the plan, or

b) Gets prequalified for purchase of their developed town or village after completion, in which case we raise the required funds from investors.

3. Acquisition: Per 2 above, either we or the client company acquires the real estate on which the client company’s town or village is to be developed.

4. Restoration & Development: We restore the land for ecosystem functionality and build and/or renovated the improvements per the plan.  

5. Where we raise the funds for acquisition & development:

a) Sale: After completion of the development stage, it is sold to the client company at the newly appreciated fair market value, and

b) Exit: Investment capital is returned along with accrued earnings.

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