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Colleen Dick: Founder, concept designer, team builder, entrepreneur with 30 years experience. Scientist (Nutritional Biochemistry), Regenerative technology and practice, promoter and networker.

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Harrison Quigley: Co-founder, social enterprise invisible structures specialist, former management trainer and consultant, regional self-reliance & regenerative agroecology enthusiast.

Curtis Wolthuis: Managing Sponsor, Principal at Vision Park Utah, has completed full cycle projects in Master Planned Communities, Residential Housing Construction, building up to 300+ units per year, and commercial industrial business parks as well as housing acquisition, renovation, and sale. ​Specialties include complex business planning, project planning & development, government entitlement for large scale real projects, General Counsel Business, General Contractor, Client-Vendor Relationship Development & Management.
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Daniel Halsey: Co-founder - United Designers International Designs developing ecologically supported homestead systems, ecosystem restoration, and intentional communities. Site-specific solutions based on local resources, site conditions, and improved cultural practices. Farms, homesteads, watershed, and village systems - perennial harvests to support the community. Always raising the carrying capacity of the land. Board Director of PRI/USA. Owner/Director of the Natural Capital Plant Database Internationally Certified Permaculture Instructor (PRI/AU). Certified Permaculture Instructor (PINA). Consultant, Designer, and Educator (USAID). Masters of Professional Studies, Horticulture (UMN)

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Neal Spackman: Ecosystem Functionality Consultant, Founder & CEO, Regenerative Resources Corporation, Cofounder and Director of the Al Baydha Project in Saudi Arabia. Has lived and worked with tribes of Beduins to convert deserts into savannahs. Founded webinar series Sustainable Design Masterclass, taught and consulted in the Middle East, Africa, and Americas. Alumnus of Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business. 

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Julie Leeder Seegmiller: Lead Architect, H13 Architects. An architect with years of green building experience and background in interior design and construction management. A bright, thoughtful addition to our team.


Alan Booker: Engineering & Architectural Consultant. Founder and Executive Director at Institute of Integrated Regenerative Design; trains professional design practitioners to create systems that are ecosystemic, biocompatible, and regenerative. He has over 30 years’ experience in engineering and 20 years in sustainable and regenerative design.

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